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Soy lecithin application to chocolate

Soy lecithin application to chocolate
Issue Time:2015-07-01

1.     As emulsifier: Accelerate the dissolution rate of cocoabutter in sugar, make it completely dissolved and dispersed homogeneously inthe chocolate syrup, prevent fat cream phenomenon.

Reduces the surface tension of chocolate,chocolate improve surface structure, non-stick teeth when eating, andrefreshing, and smooth surface of the chocolate and maintain luster, improvethe quality of food.

2.     As release agent : Can improve the chocolate syrupfilling mold filling and solid degrees, make the filling mode of chocolateplate convex concave, edges and corners, and can improve the demouldingintegrity of chocolate plate, improves the chewing taste of chocolate.

3.     As wetting agent : Can improve the water resistance ofchocolate, enlarge the humidity range of chocolate processing.

(1)   Add 2-5%.

(2)   In the milk chocolate, white chocolate, in order not toaffect the colour and iustre, appropriate chooses decolorizing soya lecithin.