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Industrial grade Soya Lecithin used in color paste

Industrial grade Soya Lecithin used in color paste
Industrial grade Soya Lecithin used in color paste
Industrial grade Soya Lecithin used in color pasteIndustrial grade Soya Lecithin used in color pasteIndustrial grade Soya Lecithin used in color pasteIndustrial grade Soya Lecithin used in color pasteIndustrial grade Soya Lecithin used in color paste
CategoriesSoya lecithin as Emulsifier
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CAS No.8002-43-5
Other Namessoybean lecithin
EINECS No.232-307-2
Assay Acetone insoluble:58%
Ether insoluble:0.5%
Acid value:≤30mgKOH/g
CertificationHalal Kosher EUROFINS
Unit PriceUS $ 700 / ton
FOB portTianjin port,China
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Update Time2020-02-24
Detail Information

Technical Index:






product model

Acetone insoluble, %


Ether insolubel,%


Acid value

mgKOH /g

Moisture & volatile, %


Color, Gardner 5%

Peroxide Value mmol/kg












Fat Liquor


Product  Application:

This soya lecithin as a raw material for leather fatliquor, it can have very good function of emulsification and osmosis. And the leather will become more soft, luster after using such soya lecithin.


Benefits :


1. It softens and cures leather. It is used as emulsifier during the fat liquoring step to aid fat penetration of the leather.


2. It is a heat resistant lecithin which will help reduce the darkening effect of sunlight on leather susceptible to that color change.


3. Its percentage of fat is 69% due to high fat fat liqour quality will be increase.


4. Its low acid value which will reduces 25% of leather softening time and improves the shining of leather softening time reduces the production cost.


5. Its low viscosity, which will helps the liquidity of fat liqour. It do not give any spotting in leathers. If high viscosity soya lecithin used in your fat liqour which will make the spotting in leather.




Function :


Emulsified explosive special soybean lecithin: using soybean lecithin natural emulsification and stability and other emulsifying agents are more stable and fusion of emulsion explosives, soybean lecithin in emulsion explosive adding of emulsifying and stabilizing role. It can substitute for part of the S80 (emulsifier) so that the milk flowers explosive better emulsifying and fusion, the milk flowers explosives emulsifier is more stable, soybean phospholipids can extend of emulsion explosives during storage and shelf life.


We combine the characteristics of soybean lecithin to produce a special soybean lecithin, which is based on the control of the value of hydroxyl value and the value of the stability of the emulsion. Let the lecithin better applied to the emulsion explosive, the effect is more obvious! On the appearance of emulsion explosives, the special purpose of phospholipids is good. There is a sense of drawing, more transparent.




Benefits :


1.     The lecithin acts to prevent the formation of large crystals of  R.D.X.


2.     It increase the sensitivity of the explosive.


3.     These explosive has a good deal of power and is relatively non-toxic.


Paint & Printing


Specially used for Paints, Printing Ink, Coatings, Audio Video Tapes, Paper industries and Rubber Industry.




1. Printing Inks, Paints & other- Emulsifying, wetting & dispersing surface coatings. agents.


2. Rubber-Accelerating, Disbursing Softening agents.


3. Resins & Plastics- Mould Lubricant.


4. Paper Manufacture- Deloanming agent.




1. It creates proper Emulsification of Batches.


2. Synthetic Enamel Paints never spread. at the time of use it easily creates smoothness.



Packaging & Shipping


Liquid ( without pallet )

1. 200kgs net weight steel drums(small mouth & top open)

small mouth :1x20 fcl can load 98 drums( two layer standing and one layer sleep), with 19.6tons total.

top open: 1x20 fcl can load 80 drums  ( two layer standing ), with 16 tons total

2. 20 liters Portable plastic drums, with 12 tons total

3.200kgs HDPE drums:1x20 fcl can load 80 drums ( two layer standing ), with 16 tons total

4.1MT IBC drums:1X20fcl can load 20 IBC drums, with 20tons total

5.Flexi bag packing with 22 tons total








Company Information


Our workshop                                                       laboratory                                         


1. Out put 5000mt per year , both in Chinese domestic and abroad market, Shareing 50% domestic share.


And 50% trading company buying from us to resale. Besides, we have very good relationship SOYA LECITHIN POWDER & GRANULE associate factory.


2.We can export from Qingdao,Tianjin,Fangcheng port china. Head factory located in tianjin, another one loated in guangxi china.


3.Our crude raw material from china govement oil plant,the price and quality is very good ,then we put our own tank for deeping processing accroding to different requirement.


4.,Factory approved by SGS.


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