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Soya lecithin as Explosive

Soya lecithin special used for emulsion explosive:
Soya lecithin is applied to emulsion explosive, which made for compound emulsifier compared using a single emulsifier span - 80 of emulsion explosive,it is to be considered that has good stability, convenient processing, low cost characters, etc.

Soya lecithin has natural emulsification and stability,mainly in the emulsion explosive worked as Emulsifier and stabilizers,can let the other emulsifier in emulsion explosive more stable and fusion and stable effect.It can replace part of span - 80 (emulsifier) so that the emulsion explosive better emulsifying and fusion,more stable, also it can extended the emulsion explosive storage life and shelf life.

At present China domestic is comparatively mature in the aspect of using soya lecithin as the emulsifier.
Some Civilian blasting equipment company use soya lecithin as an emulsion.But for the formula they keep secret.
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Soya lecithin as Explosive

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