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  • Chocolate

    Role in chocolate

    As an emulsifier: accelerates the dissolution of cocoa butter in sugar, so that it dissolves completely and spreads evenly through the chocolate syrup to prevent the occurrence of lipid creams. Reduces the surface tension of chocolate, improves the surface structure of chocolate, does not stick teeth when eaten, is refreshing, and makes the chocolate surface smooth and maintaina certain gloss, improve the quality of food.
    As a release agent: can improve the filling and firmness of the chocolate paste mold, so that the molded chocolate plate convex and recessed, full angle, can improve the stripping integrity of the chocolate plate.
    Improves the chewing taste of chocolate, as a moisturizer: improves the water resistance of chocolate and expands the humidity range of chocolate processing.
    1. Add scale 2-5%
    2. In milk chocolate (white chocolate), in order not to affect the color, it is advisable to choose decolorlecithin.
  • Crispy, Vier

    Crispy, Vier

    1. Lecithin are used in the production of brittle cylinders and weihuani, mainly as emulsifiers, humidifiers:
    2. release agents, help to form: the addition of lecithin can improve the crispcylinder and the integrity of the metastasis at the time of release, in the role of crisping at the same time can prevent the phenomenon of peeling.
  • Biscuits


    Lecithin are used in the production of biscuits, mainly as emulsifiers, moisturizers and release agents.
    1. Add lecithin to the crispy biscuits and noodles, convenient to release at the same time play a ghee role.
    2. Tough cookie words on the appearance and molding has a catalytic effect
    3. Sandwich cookie production process, as an emulsifier, can make cream, sugar better fusion, so that the sandwich taste more delicate.
  • Candy


    1. Dispersant, moisturizer: improve the surface characteristics of candy, prevent sucrose recrystallization, can improve the wet performance of food, with good dispersion
    2. Can make the product taste good, do not seepage oil, in the process of processing cutting do not stick knife, improve processing conditions.
  • Margarine


    Add 0.l to 0.3% soy lecithin, as emulsifier, so that the fat mix of various dissolved points is evenly mixed. At the same time, lecithin has an aerobic resistance, so that the margarine will not be acidic, extendthed shelf life.
  • Noodles

    Macarina, egg noodles and noodles

    Emulsifiers, moisturizers, antioxidants: Make water, noodles can be better integrated, increase the elasticity of noodles and dough, prevent the evaporation of noodles water, keep the color of all kinds of food unchanged.
  • Bread


    Bread and pastry plus lecithin 0.6 to 1%, can make the water in the dough evenly dispersed, increase the extension of bread, elasticity and expansion, moisture is not easy to dissipate, to maintain the softness of the bread, bread heart of the air hole evenly small and puffy, so that the bread more soft, play a role in delaying the hardening of bread.
  • Ice cream

    Ice cream

    Increases the smoothness of the product, while preventing the product from "sanding" phenomenon, reducing the amount of egg yolk to make the cream performance stable.
  • Instant milk

    Instant milk powder 0.2% lecithin milk powder

    The dissolving ability significantly hates gum bubble gum dispersants, emulsifiers, antioxidants can be used as flavor carriers and glue-based emulsifiers, so that the components are dispersed evenly, reduce viscosity and adhesion, is the product easy to squeeze molding, cutting and separation;
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