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How about the packing?

How about the packing?

Update Time:2015/8/13

Liquid ( withoutpallet )

1. 200kgs net weight steel drums(small mouth & top open)

small mouth:1x20 fcl can load 98 drums( two layer standing and one layer sleep), with19.6tons total.

top open:1x20 fcl can load 80 drums  ( two layerstanding ), with 16 tons total

2. 20 liters Portable plastic drums, with 12 tons total

3.200kgsHDPE drums:1x20 fcl can load 80 drums ( two layer standing ), with 16 tonstotal

4.1MT IBCdrums:1X20fcl can load 20 IBC drums, with 20tons total

5.Flexi bagpacking with 22 tons total

Pallet:Woodenfumigation pallets can be added as per request.

Adding pallet: all 200kgs drum,4 drums on one pallet,20 pallets, 80 drums/16mt for20'fcl max.

Powder& PC:

two types packing, also can doing as per cliebts request

1.By carton box: Inner PE bags, outerpacked with aluminum foil bag, then packed in carton box. 20kgs/carton(5kg*4bagor 10kgs*2bags) (Outer carton Size: 520X380X220MM). 

13mt will loading in 20'fcl max.

2.By carton barrels: Inner PE bags,outer packed with aluminum foil bag, then packed in carton barrels.20kgs/cartonbarrels.11.2mt will loading in 20'fcl max.

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