Mainly engaged in researching, developing and producing of soya lecithin
Hexiyuan Lecithin
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Could we know more about your company?

Could we know more about your company?

Update Time:2015/8/13
General manager: With 17 years experience in Lecithin industry, The general manager establish this factory in 2011,before he was consist doing soya bean deep processing in Dalian, North East in China.

Production capacity: we can do GMO and NON-GMO soya lecithin. Out-put is 5000mt each year, our workers on double-shift work currently. The raw materials storage capacity is 60mt, production capacity is 20mt each day.

Markets: The exporting goods share 50% market, we gain good reputation in Asia, Africa, South American, middle east, ect. and home market share 50% . In China, many many trading companys are buying lecithin from us for exporting, so we establish trading department in 2014, doing international trading ourselves.

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