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Soy lecithin application in the feed

Soy lecithin application in the feed

Jul 1,2015

Aqua Feed Grade

Product  Application:

Soya lecithin is anatural-sourced, consistent, superior feed ingredient that is an excellentsource of dietary phospholipids.

Advantages of lecithin :

1.     Improves survival rate ofshrimp and fish larvae

2.     Improves growth rate offish and shrimp

3.     Improves feed utilizationefficiency Increases resistance to stress

4.     Provides a consistentsource of bio-available phospholipids

5.     Good energy source

6.     Mobilizes cholesterol

7.     Nutritionally superiorsource of choline, iositol and unsaturated faty acids

8.     Reduces the leaching ofwater-soluble nutrients

9.     Acts as a naturalantioxidant

10.  Acts as a feed attractant

Cattle Feed Grade

Advantages :

1. More productive milch breeds demand high energy duringlactation period. So it acts as energy supplies.

2. It increases the milk fat as well as milk production

3. It reduces the chance of infertility, loss of weight,ketosis, and lower milk production bia optimal energy supply.

4. Long chain fatty acids (Linoleic, Linolenic, Palmiticacids) are used for the milk fat synthesis. These fatty acids adsorbed on toparticles in the rumen where they are hydrogenated by microbes and absorbedonly from the intestine which increases fat percentage in the milk.

5. It improves the absorption of fat soluble vitamins andother nutrients.

6. Less moisture contents is advantageous for reduces thefungal growth in the feeds.

7. It increases the palatability of the feeds

Function :

It acts as a energy supplies, energy concentrate, fatenrichment.

Pig Feed Grade

A number of factors mayimpact pigs' response to dietary lecithin. These include:

1. Fat level and type :The higher the amount of dietary fat and the longer and more saturated itsfatty acids are, the greater the opportunity for lecithin response.Nutritionists should give consideration to fat blends, to include lecithin,rather than single source fats for young pig diets. This will address fatutilization and fatty acid requirements.

2. Calorie/amino acidnutrition : Pig diets should be formulated to optimal dietary amino acid andcaloric densities. As dietary fat source is modified (fat blends and/orlecithin addition), the impact of this change on dietary caloric level shouldbe recognized in maintaining calorie/amino acid ratio.

3. Lecithin type and level: Lecithin with an HLB of 6-8 may afford more consistent emulsification. Alecithin level of 5-10 percent of the supplemental dietary fat should beconsidered.

4. Pig performance : As producerschallenge their young pigs to grow faster and establish higher overallperformance standards, supplemental lecithin makes increased economic sense.

5. Age : The younger thepig and the less developed its digestive system, the greater the opportunityfor response to lecithin. Lecithin should be targeted in diets of pigs lessthan five weeks old.

Poultry feed grade

1.     It ensures excellentdigestibility of fat and energy because it acts as a natural emulsifier

2.     It improves the digestibility ofthe other nutrients in the feed and promotes the absorption of the fat-solublevitamins

3.     It has been specially developedfor use in energy-rich feed mixtures for poultry.

4.     It is Natural performanceenhancement

5.     Greater vitality

6.      Support for the immune system

7.     Efficient metabolism

8.     Optimal supplies of choline andenergy

9.     Excellent binding of dust

10.   It acts as energy supplies,energy concentrates, fat & protein enrichment

11.   It helps as a physiological agentand aids in pelletizing

12.   It increases the egg mass &production.

13.   Decrease feed dust.

14.   Improves feed efficiency.


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