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Soy lecithin application in industry

Soy lecithin application in industry

Jul 1,2015

Product  Application:

This soya lecithin as araw material for leather fatliquor, it can have very goodfunction of emulsification and osmosis. And the leather will become more soft,luster after using such soya lecithin.

Benefits :

1. It softens and cures leather. It is used as emulsifierduring the fat liquoring step to aid fat penetration of the leather.

2. It is a heat resistant lecithin which will help reducethe darkening effect of sunlight on leather susceptible to that color change.

3. Its percentage of fat is 69% due to high fat fatliqour quality will be increase.

4. Its low acid value which will reduces 25% of leathersoftening time and improves the shining of leather softening time reduces theproduction cost.

5. Its low viscosity, which will helps the liquidity offat liqour. It do not give any spotting in leathers. If high viscosity soyalecithin used in your fat liqour which will make the spotting in leather.


Function :

Our R &D has after a continued and vigorous research work has introduced EXPLOSIVEGRADE LECITHIN to be exclusively used by Explosive based Industrial Units. InExplosive Grade, Lecithin acts as a Binding Agent in also economical source ofEmulsification. Through the improvement ofproduction technology, it can make the products of hydroxyl value andsaponification value controlled in a more suitable for the use of the emulsionexplosive, replace "s-80" effectively.

Benefits :

1.    The lecithinacts to prevent the formation of large crystals of  R.D.X.

2.    It increasethe sensitivity of the explosive.

3.    Theseexplosive has a good deal of power and is relatively non-toxic.

Paint & Printing

Specially used for Paints, Printing Ink, Coatings, AudioVideo Tapes, Paper industries and Rubber Industry.


1. Printing Inks, Paints & other- Emulsifying,wetting & dispersing surface coatings. agents.

2. Rubber-Accelerating, Disbursing Softening agents.

3. Resins & Plastics- Mould Lubricant.

4. Paper Manufacture- Deloanming agent.


1. It creates proper Emulsification of Batches.

2. Synthetic Enamel Paints never spread. at the time ofuse it easily creates smoothness.


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