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natural emulsifier lecithin soy liquid manufactures

natural emulsifier lecithin soy liquid manufactures

natural emulsifier lecithin soy liquid manufactures
natural emulsifier lecithin soy liquid manufacturesnatural emulsifier lecithin soy liquid manufacturesnatural emulsifier lecithin soy liquid manufacturesnatural emulsifier lecithin soy liquid manufacturesnatural emulsifier lecithin soy liquid manufactures
CategoriesSoya lecithin as Food Emulsifier
CAS No.8002-43-5
EINECS No.232-307-2
Grade StandardFood Grade
AppearanceTransparent tawny viscous liquid, Brown fluid soy lecithin.
Applicationemulsifier, Mold Release, reducing viscosity agent
Acetone insoluble:≥60%
Hexane insoluble:≤0.5%
Moisture, %:≤1.0
Unit PriceUS $ 700 / metric ton
FOB portTianjin port
Terms of PaymentL/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Update TimeJanuary 31,2023
Detail Information

Enriched/Concentrated Soybean lecithin liquid  ( oil soluble ) 


Item No: HXY-1SP








Translucent liquid

Assay Acetone insoluble



Ether insoluble



Acid value









Peroxide Value





Concentrate soya lecithin can thoroughly solve series of phospholipids problems such as the uneven texture, the poor liquidity and the unstable quality, etc. By using such lecithin, the product quality is more stable as well as physical & chemical index.

Surely the emulsification will be also better. Products are packed by filling sealing to avoid air ,so that makes products acid value more stable. Our factory can achieve mass production, one of the production line can produce 100 tons lecithin by one time. Every production line is enough stable for exporting.





1)     Ice Cone / Wafer



The product is very good improving agents for the quality of Ice-Cones/Wafers. It preveent moisturization, minimize crackness of cones/ Wafers.



2)     Bakery



A. Worked as natural emulsifier


B. improve the extensibility and elasticity of doughs, helps improve the volume, crumb structure, and tenderness of bread. benefit yeast-raised baked goods.


C. antioxidant and enhances the stability of vitamins in bakery goods. It supports the effects of oter active baking ingredients, can partially compensate for fats and protein.


D. can improve shelf life and dispersing agent  in an aqueous system like doughs and batters.


E. In cookie manufacturing, addition of lecithin helps to obtain a smooth, easily formed dough


F. In flat wafers, twisted ice cream cones, and pressed cones for soft frozen custard, improves release from the irons, supports browning reaction, and makes for more stable wafers that are less likely to break.


G. helps form a fine film around the yeast particles in frozen pizza, thus protecting them from cold damage.




3)     Confectionery


“Our lecithin works as excellent viscosity Modifier” typical usage levels are 0.2%-0.6% of total product weight.


It initially mix batches of confectionery hard-boiled & chocolates, save from dryness to the batches of confectionery color will we improved. greatly reduces the enabling particles of the chocolate.


4)     Biscuit


A. It reduces the need of fats to about 20% to 25% in Biscuits or any product after reducing the fats.


B. Shelf time of Biscuits increases and Flavor, taste of Biscuits improves.


C. remove the rough surface of your biscuit and to increase the shining and decency of Biscuits. It increases the softness of the biscuits


  5)dairy products 




  Can improve the dispersion and wettability of products.Directly to the modification of phospholipids are added to the soymilk material liquid, can make the product protein dispersion coefficient increased by 10%, a 3% increase in solubility, enhance water imbibition, increase capacity, instant sexual obviously improved.In addition, adding a small amount of phospholipid cheese, can enhance the cohesion, prevent the crushing of the cheese.


 6)meat products 




  Soya lecithin are added to the meat products can prevent fat separation, effectively reduce the shout animal fat more products "fat covering phenomenon", make fat raw material dispersion is good, easy to machining, keep moisture, prevent the starch aging, prevent shrinkage.








Appearance:Tan or brown transparent liquid




1) Be set to cool.dry and ventilated place .away from Fire source.


2) Sealed, avoid light, Prevent from rain and strong acis or alkali.


3) Lightly transport and protect from package damage.


Storage life:12 months

Packaging & Shipping






Company Information


Our factory advantage:

1. Out put 5000mt per year , both in Chinese domestic and abroad market, Shareing 50% domestic share.

And 50% trading company buying from us to resale. Besides, we have very good relationship SOYA LECITHIN POWDER & GRANULE associate factory.

2.We can export from qingdao,tianjin,fangcheng port china. Head factory located in tianjin, another one loated in guangxi china.

3.Our crude raw material from china govement oil plant,the price and quality is very good ,then we put our own tank for deeping processing accroding to different requirement.

4.,Factory approved by SGS.



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