Natural Soya Lecithin Solution & Manufacture

Production and Manufacturing of Lecithin Series Products

Provide food-grade, pharmaceutical-grade, industrial-grade and other customized products, using pure natural plant extracts to ensure product purity and safety.

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30 Years Soya Lecithin Product Manufacturer

Manufactured from natural soya lecithin raw materials, specializing in providing additive solutions for the food industry, etc.

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Long-established Soya Lecithin Manufacturer, A Trustworthy Brand

We choose high-quality and healthy raw materials to ensure that every process is within high standards.

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Quality stability

Strictly follow the national standards for product manufacturing toensure the stability of each batch

Adequate stock

Regularly tender for raw materials to ensure sufficient inventory andshorten delivery times.

Professional technology

Professional expertise and advanced equipment ensure high-speed and stable production.

Special customization

Customization can be based on the customer's specific indicators and applications to meet their unique requirements.

Perfect after-sales service

Providing timely response to customer inquiries and offering professional technical support.

Optimizing Soya Lecithin Application in the Food Industry Solutions

Optimizing the Application of Soya Lecithin in the Food Industry Solutions, Offering Custom Food-Grade Products and Personalized Solutions, Utilizing Pure Natural Plant Extracts to Ensure Product Purity and Safety.

Chocolate 0.3%-0.5%

Prevents surface frosting, improves gloss, is easy to demold, and improves chewing taste

Candy (milk sugar, peanut sugar, toffee) 0.5%

Easy to mix sugar, grease and water, improve oil dispersion, Prevent sand granulation, oil, make sugar cubes lustrous, soft and smooth surface, prevent agglomeration and extend shelf life, soft taste, delicate lubrication.

Biscuits, wafers, cookies, ice cream egg rolls 0.3%-0.5%

Prevent raw materials from sticking to molds, easy to machine, improve surface texture; Improve oil emulsification, reduce the amount of edible oil, increase the crispiness and volume of biscuits, and prevent burning; And reduce the crushing feeling of cookies

Bread, cakes, pies, skins 0.1%-0.5%

Enhance the toughness of noodles and reduce starch dissolution during boiling; Reduce the viscosity of the dough, facilitate processing to prevent the evaporation of noodle moisture, maintain the softness of the noodles, and not dry crack and shrink and form

Ice cream, ice cream 0.3%-0.5%

After use, it is well emulsified, can partially replace fat, and the tissue particles are uniform and delicate, increase the stability of air bubbles and water, reduce the crystallization of high melting point grease, prevent oil from floating, prevent ice cream from "sanding", and increase the delicate, lubricated, soft and refreshing taste of ice cream

Instant milk powder and instant coffee 0.2%-1%

Improve wetting ability, promote the dispersion of surface fat, help protein The dispersion and stabilization of protein components can be avoided to avoid powder agglomeration and improve the instant solubility of the product

Frozen food (dumplings, rice balls, roasted wheat, spring rolls, etc.) 0.1%-0.2%

Control dust, improve wettability, prevent dehydration, cracking, gloss, no wrinkles, no adhesion, less crystallization, prevent tissue hardening and fission

Instant noodles, hanging noodles, hollow noodles 0.5%-1%.

Enhance the toughness of noodles and reduce starch dissolution during boiling; Reduce the viscosity of the dough, facilitate processing to prevent the evaporation of noodle moisture, maintain the softness of the noodles, and not dry crack and shrink and form

Margarine, shortening, butter 0.1%-0.5%

Improve elongation, prevent splashing and oxidation, stabilize liquid surface tension, improve water retention, improve taste and make it "oily but not greasy", "smooth and refreshing"

Professional Manufacturer Of Lecithin Series Products

Provide food grade, pharmaceutical grade, industrial grade and other customized products.

We use pure natural plant extracts to ensure the purity and safety of our products. Our products can help food emulsify, release, moisturize and disperse better, making food more delicious and smoother. We provide customized services to provide customers with high-quality, green, natural and healthy lecithin products.

Excellent Soya Lecithin Factory

We are a manufacturer that produces a series of lecithin products,


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Global Partners

Possess a high degree of professionalism, innovation and cooperation spirit, as well as a deep understanding and grasp of the international marketAbout Us

What Our Customer Taking About Us

Continuously improve the quality of our products and services to meet customer needs and expectations

We have added soy lecithin liquid in our chocolate production, which helps to maintain the smooth texture and mouthfeel of the chocolate. Additionally, it can improve the flowability of the chocolate, making it easier to process and package.

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We have added powdered soy lecithin in our milk powder, which helps to blend the fat and water components of the milk powder, preventing separation and improving the overall texture and mouthfeel. Additionally, it enhances the dispersibility and solubility of the milk powder, making it easier to mix with water and creating a smoother finished product. This has helped us increase customer satisfaction.

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We add soy lecithin liquid to our brittle and wafer production, which acts as a good release agent and prevents our product from sticking to the mold during the production process. This makes it easier for the brittle wafer to detach from the mold, keep its shape intact, and improve the appearance quality of the product.

Hasib Hossain

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Samples Policy

Please develop a sample that suits you according to your business characteristics and needs
Free samples (small quantity)

1. New customers, if you have confirmed the quantity and model you need, welcome to conatct us to get free sample!

2. Old customers, if you need to test new models, welcome to conatct us to get free sample!

Paid samples

1. New customers, if you just want to test it first, we will charge a little freight, welcome to conatct us to get sample!

2. Old customers, if the number of samples is large, we will charge a part cost, welcome to conatct us to get sample!

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