Mainly engaged in researching, developing and producing of soya lecithin
Hexiyuan Lecithin
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Free technical consulting service

Hexiyuan is committed to finding the most suitable soy lecithin addition solution for customers most effectively and economically. Therefore, the initial technical consultation is critical to determining the appropriate ratio of soybean lecithin to be added. We offer free professional consulting services to all our clients.

On sale

Provide plan

Provide a wide range of personalized metrics and packaging customization to meet the different needs of customers in different fields.

After sales

Product quality assurance

Leave sample observation for one year per batch to ensure product quality and stability
Hot products

Soya lecithin for paint coating, printing

Specially used for Paints, Printing Ink,Coatings, Audio Video Tapes, Paper industries and Rubber Industry.
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Modified Soya Lecithin for Fat liquor leather

This product can be dissolved in the water fully, then form a milky liquid, besides it is easy to be added and compounded.
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