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Massive explosions have hit China's northern city of Tianjin

Massive explosions have hit China's northern city of Tianjin

Aug 13,2015

Massive explosions have hit China's northern city of Tianjin

blasts happened in a warehouse storing "dangerous andchemical goods" in the port area of the city.

The first explosion at about 23:30 (15:30 GMT)on Wednesday was followed by another, more powerful blast, seconds later.Shockwaves were felt several kilo meters away.

Theapartment complex closest to the explosion has eight rows of high-rise towerblocks.

Affected by the bin hai new area near Dong Hai Road fireaccident, for security reasons, tian jin metro subway line 9 will be August 13,2015 to stop operation, part of the bus operation line adjustment, the part ofthe road is closed.

Affected by the customs office building, has beenadjusted business site, handling but the customs clearance formalities such asaffected by a certain, recovery time to be determined.

As a result of traffic control, logistics cyclewill be extended.

Hope all customer noted this and thanks for your understanding.

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